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Welcome To PROTAX.com

Dear Friend, 

Thanks for visiting PROTAX.com.  Whether you have just heard about PRO-TAX, or you are a long-time client, we welcome you to this site.  

If you are new to us… PRO-TAX was founded on a few core beliefs that have grounded the development of our business over 35 years in the tax industry: 

  • Customers want to be treated with respect and dignity
  • Customers want their refunds delivered as quickly as possible
  • Customers want their taxes prepared accurately
  • Customers want their preparer to “back them up” in case of problems with the IRS 

We hope that we have the opportunity to serve you in one of our retail offices and let you experience the “PRO-TAX Way.” (If you need more information on where the closest PRO-TAX is located please go here.)   

Regardless, we want this site to provide the information and resources YOU NEED.  At PRO-TAX we are here to help you make sense of the complexities of filing your tax return.  This site has been designed to give you a wealth of tax knowledge…without leaving your computer.  Of course, if you decide you need a tax professional, make sure to get your Special Internet Discount here!  Our preparers are ready and waiting to ensure that you MINIMIZE your taxes, and MAXIMIZE your refund! 

Thanks again for your interest!


Blair Whitworth


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